Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - Part VI

Now we're in the Jumanji Room, where Kristin is up against the door where Hayden is, and he is on the other side with his head hear the bottom of the door.
You can hear a lot of commotion in the next room.  Enzo is the main culprit.

Kathy:  I can't stand to listen to them.  I can't stand it anymore.  All they do is talk and think about themselves--it's annoying.

Oh Boy:

They discuss how poorly Brendon did as the POV host. I guess he had trouble reading the cards?

Kristin:  He can't read or act.

Kathy:  I was really shocked.

Hayden asked Kristin who else was in there with her.   At first she said "no one", but then amended it to tell him that Kathy was there.
Always cockblocking, that Kathy.  Maybe BB will call her to the DR so they can talk strategy.  Kristin made him some sort of plastic heart that she passed under the door to him.

Kathy tells Hayden that Kristin looks like Mrs. Roper from Three's Company and it doesn't even look like her---the unitard isn't really the problem.

Kathy sends Ragan in the DR to find out when the lockdown is over---she needs a smoke.
You can see Hayden still has two baguettes to eat in there.  Ragan has joined the group and says that Kristin looks kind of good and he can see her living in the 70's.

If Kristin had to pick an era to live in, she would pick the late 60's or early 70's.  Ragan would choose the prohibition times--when you went to speakeasies and everything was glamorous.
Kristin is glad that she doesn't have to sleep in the unitard.  Ragan wants to play 20 Questions and Kristin has to explain how to play to Hayden.  His voice is muffled, but he asks AGAIN if Kathy is still there.

(I know he wants to talk to Kristin about the POV and what to do next, but Kathy ain't goin' to let that happen.)

Ragan:  I think of Hayden as Production now, since I can only hear his voice but can't see him.

The 20 Question game blows.  Switching channels.

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