Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flashback From Last Night #9

This Flashback starts about about 10:30 pm BB time. I think the pictures speak for themselves.
They rank on Kristin for awhile, and now Kathy.  They are trying to imagine what Kathy is going to be like after Kristin is gone.

Britney:  She will bang on the sliding door saying she needs to go out and get fresh air, and then shove a cigarette in her mouth the second she gets out there.

Rachel describes how Kathy would come up there to the HOH during her first reign and would jump right in on every conversation and agree all the time.  She acted like she had never heard anything about the show.

Britney, imitating her:  Did ya'll hear there was a prize at the end of this?

Rachel:  If you're so worried about your kids and your health, why are you smoking a pack a day?  And why are you drinking a gallon of sweet tea?

Britney tells Rachel that people are starting to really get on her nerves and she can barely hide it. And how Kathy told Britney she had never been to Fayetteville....she's never been anywhere else in Arkansas, much less the rest of the US.

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