Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - #8

The HOH powwow breaks up, and all three of the visitors leave to go downstairs.  I could be wrong, but it certainly looks like Enzo gave Brendon the 90210 handshake on the way out.
Kathy gave Brendon an old fashioned hug and called him a Wino.  Brendon has been drinking since 3:00 pm, apparently.

Brendon:  Well, I gotta drink since my girl's not here!

Now the Neanderthal climbs into bed with some pretzels to re-read his letter from his sister.  I guess all those scrapes and scabs on his knees are from the ropes competition.
Kathy and Enzo are in the kitchen.  Enzo heated up a sandwich to take to bed.  No one wants to walk around alone at night because of the Saboteur suspicions so they all stick together.  Kathy stopped by the fish tank to say good night.  All the fish gather at the glass to see her, but she doesn't feed them anymore--BB does.

Maybe that is the reason why so many fish were dying in the beginning?  Operator error?  

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