Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flashback from Last Night #8

More chatter about Jeff and Jordan, with the Brigade, minus Enzo and plus Ragan, who always seems to be a TalkBlocker.  And it looks like Brendon has sidled in there, too, and is pretty quiet so far.

Ragan: They didn't seem super-excited to be back here in the house....if I ever come back, I'm going to be like "WHAT UP!"

They say that Jeff was really good at off-the-cuff comments during the competition.

Matt:  He was a good host...Jordan, not so much.  But she was cute, though!

Hayden says again that he thought she was cute on TV, but in person she is even hotter.

Matt:  I think she lost some weight, too.

They went up to the HOH Room with Matt (!) while he "put on his shoes" and Matt chatted with Jordan about school.

Matt:  She goes to community college now..and I asked if she was like a big celebrity around there.  She said, "no, no one ever really says anything about it".

Hayden:  That's weird.

Ragan:  I would say something about it. (no shit)

They argue whether Jordan is from Arkansas or North Carolina and decide on North Carolina.

(wrong---it is South Carolina).

They talked to them about the Reality event in Vegas---Jeff and Jordan stayed at Bally's.

Hayden:  Jeff was cool.  I've got..what do you call it?...a man crush on him now!

They all laugh.

Ragan:  I've got a man crush on him, too, but mines a little bit different!

They all laugh.

Ragan:  Actually, I think he's really a super attractive guy, but I didn't have a connection with him.  Like he had an instant connection with Enzo...

Matt agrees.  He thinks they watch the show, but couldn't say anything about it.  Matt wishes he could have gotten the World Cup information from him, or where LeBron went.

Matt:  He kind of insinuated it was the Bulls, but.....who got the door?

They think Kathy is the one who opened the door.

Hayden:  I heard her voice---I love those southern accents.  (Hayden is clearly smitten...Kristin who?)

Ragan:  What I liked best is that they were so unaffected..

They mention that Jordan is 23 and Jeff is around 32.  Matt is shocked--he knew Jeff had gray hair, but thought he was in his 20's.  They told them the only BB11 people they stay in touch with is Laura and Casey.

Hayden goes through the list....not Jesse, not Russell, definitely not Natalie.

Ragan:  They had a weird cast.

Now they talk about Michelle "going off the deep end".

Matt: "A Friend" (maybe someone in Production?) told me that her 15 minutes of fame really went to her head and she went all Hollywood and really went crazy. She divorced her husband...that whole "I think I'm really more important than I really am" thing.  With the boob job and everything, I guess it makes sense.

They are all tired and need naps.  They are locked down until the backyard is cleared.  Matt thinks it is just some plywood--it shouldn't take long.

Hayden:  I wish they would leave it out there for us to play with.  We're done for the week with challenges, huh?

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