Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flashback From Last Night #7

Back in Jumanji, the talk continues about their singing group.
Nick, Britney's fiance is going to be involved too.  (He is a lab technician and I think he works with blood.)
Nick is going to do all of the band's drug tests and then release the bad results to the media for publicity.

Enzo:  Britney you can be our Fergie.

Britney:  Yeah, but I won't pee in my pants.  (ha ha ha)

Matt:  We also need a Janet Jackson type deal.

Enzo:  Yeah, we definitely need some boobage.  And Nick can do that, if you want him too.  He can run out on stage and grab your top..

Britney:  And act like he's never seen it before..

Enzo:  Yeah, than we can run over and taser him and shit...

[I would buy a ticket to this hot mess.]

Britney:  Or Hayden could lasso him!

Matt:  Yeah, Hayden can lasso him from the DJ booth.

Enzo:  And then we can taser him!

Lane might wear an orange prison jumpsuit but with the sleeves cut off.

Enzo:  You could do that...and change it up...but I'm not gonna do it.

There are also midgets running around, but I'm not clear on their involvement. 

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