Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flashback from Last Night #6

Enzo and Hayden were alone quickly in the Cabana Room and talked about Brendon.  They know his back is against the wall and he'll take a deal.

Enzo thinks if he wins HOH he will nominate Matt and Ragan.

Then Lane comes in and they accuse him of "blowing up" out there with Rachel. (joking around)  Matt came in and they say they need to keep Brendon around because he is going to go nuts.

Enzo recounts how when Brendon was talking he was mocking him and he saw Jeff laughing at him.  They say how hot Jordan was.

Hayden:  I thought she was cute on TV, but wow...she's different then I thought she would be.

Enzo:  Yeah, when she came up to me and said "the meow meow" I was like "Oh shit!".  I'm known now.

They had some sort of interaction with Jeff on the side, saying that living with Brendon and Rachel was brutal, or something like that.

[Matt knows that the Bridgade was going to influence Brendon to nominate Matt and Ragan, or Matt and Britney if he wins HOH.  I think Enzo and Hayden are working that angle, but I also think that they are hedging their bets with Brendon.]

Enzo:  He was in there napping with her with his fucking mask he could sleep...he makes me laugh all the time.  This is great because whoever the HOH is next week will put him up....there's no way he's winning anything.

Enzo could tell that "Jordan loves the Brigade!".    And Jeff was "happy to see him".

Enzo:  It's Final Four!  And then we backstab each other!

They all laugh.  It was a good day for the Brigade.

Enzo, cracking up:  I definitely think the Saboteur is in the Brigade!  Because The Brigade is just beastin' right now!

Enzo jokes about saying to Brendon:  let's have that house meeting now!

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