Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flashback From Last Night #6

Brendon:  Matt's a fucking slimeball---he has to go!
They both want Matt out and say their initial instincts about him were "always correct".  They think the fact that Matt hasn't come up to speak with them this week indicates that he is going to put them up if he wins HOH.

They also think there are "no strong alliances" in the house and that "no one will stick their neck out there".

Brendon thinks it is going to be a physical endurance contest and might be like "the hot chocolate thing". 

Brendon:  Why do you think I'm eating pasta?  I'm an endurance athelete!  Matt may have done a couple of fucking situps but that's all he's done in his life!

Rachel:  What if it's hanging?  Do you think Matt can hang on?

Brendon:  No!  I'm hanging on for my life!

[Uh, Brendon he beat you last time....handily.]

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