Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flashback from Last Night #5

Now the BB cameras take us down to the kitchen, where the guys rehash the competition and their brush with celebrity (Jeff and Jordan).

They talk about "Steve P." from production, who gave Matt a thumb's up while they were out there.  They figure out that Steve P. had an earpiece in and was getting communications from the control room.

['s a TV show.]

Brendon is at the stove and is making little comments here and there, trying to be a part of it.

Matt:  I get completely confused as to why we even call him Steve P.

Lane comes over  to Matt and Matt says quietly:  Br...Br...Br...Br...!

(Almost saying Brigade....)

It's just Hayden, Lane and Matt now, with Enzo sitting at the dining table.

Matt:  There is so much hypocrisy in what they were saying.  I wanted to say something so bad...

Hayden points out that what Rachel actually does is 1000 times worse.

(Ragan is watching this on the spy screen--they better be careful.)

Enzo:  They were up to 5:00 in the morning, practicing.  And they were the first two out!

Matt knows that Brendon wants to start something about him being the Saboteur.

Now Ragan arrives (now that Brendon is gone) and they tone down somewhat.

They say Kathy is "a firecracker now!"

Enzo:  She's the saboteur!

Ragan:  We could all use a lesson in sportsmanship right now.  (sarcastically)

Matt:  It's crazy, the way their heads work!

Now Ragan points out that Rachel really acts mental and has problem.  Hayden tells them about when Rachel came in after last week's nominations and said "sorry I said was just for television purposes".

They mention when Brendon threw the ball when he lost.

Ragan:  Did anybody see Jeff and Jordan's faces when he did that?

Enzo:  He (Jeff) said, what about the insurance?

They are all really excited about today and are whispering/talking frantically and venting.

Ragan:  I will say this...I was really proud of Kathy today.  She set the tone for the competition!

Enzo:  Kathy was like...BAM!!

Matt:  I love the way they have to make everything about them.  And I love the way Micheal (production) called them out.

Rachel and Brendon kept inturrupting the action to ask Michael questions and Micheal said "I already explained that but you two were talking".

Matt, to Ragan:  If you had been down here you would have gone crazy!  I wanted to say something but I know it would have all been turned around on me so I kept my mouth shut.

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