Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flashback From Last Night #5

Miscellaneous Stuff:

* Enzo drives some sort of 2009 Lincoln that  he brags about.  I think the HG are impressed.

* Hayden drives a "four-door Saturn with dent resistent doors".  Enzo:  Yeah, they're dent-resistent, they're plastic!  Hayden: True story!

* Enzo is sometimes finished with his insurance adjuster job by 9:00 or 10:00 am every day.  He hasn't been doing real estate lately "because of the baby".  (or maybe the shitty economy)

*  Their stage show is going to have florescent blood flowing from Hayden's lasso.  Britney is going to come out during Hayden's act to introduce the band and they are "going to come running out of the gremlin cage".

Enzo:  I'm not going to run out, yo. I'm going to walk out hard....start doing my shit.

So funny.  Too bad CBS would have to bleep out the really funny parts.

*  Hayden might be MC Beastly Beats.  Enzo can be "Dwight Puddin'"---"there's nothing better than that--that's hard as shit".

*  Lane is going to wear a wife beater, Dickie's and a doo rag.  Enzo:  You've got to do different beard shit every time---that can be your thing man.  That would be hard a shit.

[I keep laughing out loud while I watch this.  So entertaining.]

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