Monday, August 2, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - #5

Ragan Hates Jay Z and gives as an example the song Empire State of Mind, where Jay Z came in and made it all about him.

Ragan:  The song is supposed to be a celebration of New York, not Jay Z!

Brendon:  All of his songs are like that!  That's all they are!

Now Brendon talks about Jay Z's statements about Obama and Matt can barely contain his disgust.  (Obama is from his home town.)
Now Rachel discusses her HOH tweets and how great they were.  Matt felt that there was a lot of pressure to do it quickly and he has a hard time being witty right on the spot--it has to happen organically.

Matt:  I feel that way in the DR sometimes, too.

Ragan:  Yeah, I know.  Like, say something funny now.

They feel sick now.  Rachel ate the topping off 8 pieces of the bruschetta and threw away the bread. 

Rachel has a candy necklace from the movie and makes some suggestive comments about using that later on.

She asks Ragan if she has used candy necklace before....candy panties?  candy bras?

Ragan:  Flavored lube, but that's about it.

Lane asks what Rachel means about the necklace---does she just put it around her waist or something?

They ask America if it wants candy.

Matt:  Let's lure America into our tinted-window van..

Ragan acts this out with his empty Whopper box.

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