Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - #4

After DOTS, when we return the HG are once again talking about who will be invited to Allstars from all the various casts.  They think Casey, even though he left early, was more visible on the show (and memorable) than many of the other HG.

Matt:  Other than Braden and Laura, it was a cast of pretty memorable characters.

Britney:  I don't remember Braden AT ALL!

Matt:  Oh, I forgot to tell you, when Rachel was here she asked me to be in an alliance with her during Allstars, because she thought the two of us were the strongest competitors in the house.
Ragan:  She is SO delusional....

The two of them start making jokes about the pretzels.

Matt:  I thought she just spelled out 'I love you'---that's what he said.  Maybe I wasn't supposed to be nominated!

Britney:  What are ya'll talking about?  (I guess she doesn't know.)

Matt:  Why is this such a big secret?

Britney:  The pretzels spelled something?

Ragan jokes about the pretzels saying something about evil Britney.  They don't want to tell her even though she begs Ragan. Matt left the room, probably to go get his drugs.

Britney:  Why don't you want to tell me?

Ragan:  Because the person who told me doesn't want it to get around.

Britney:  Oh, is that what Kathy told you?

They laugh.  For a split second, the cameras flash on Enzo sleeping in the Jumanji room and then come back.  (ha ha ha)

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