Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flashback from Last Night #4

Kathy is still with Ragan in the HOH.

Kathy:  And she's probably the Saboteur!  And she's up on the block!

They watch the screen.

Ragan:  I wish she would get out of the kitchen.  I still haven't eaten lunch yet.

And here comes Britney with what looks like a plate of nachos.

Kathy:  Is she still goin' on about me?

Britney:  Kathy, if you apologize to her, I swear I will slap you in the face!  I will personally find you and slap you in the face!

Kathy, giggling:  I ain't never gonna aplogize to her!

Now Britney starts her Rachel imitation, with Rachel saying that she wants an apology due to Kathy's celebration when beating her.

Britney:  Like you did to Monet?  And like you did to Kristin?  Like she does in every single competition?  And when Brendon beats anybody?  She goes "Yesss!"

I guess it's not nachos, because Britney helps herself to a jar of Peter Pan in Matt's HOH fridge.

Kathy:  Did I handle it okay?  Was I rude?

Britney:  If it was me, I would have been really rude.  Like, "what about the things that YOU'VE done to hurt people, Rachel?"

Ragan:  What did Lane say, Britney?

Britney:  Lane called her out on some bad stuff she said about people........

Kathy interrupts to vent and rehash some more, but I can tell Ragan really wants to know what Lane's involvement was---he mentioned a few minutes ago that Lane was talking to Rachel on the Spy Screen.

Britney:  She said, everybody talks about everybody in this house.  She started crying...nobody understands her...

Kathy:  She's right, we don't!

Ragan:  I am so hungry.  I just want them to get out of the kitchen.

Britney:  If you had been there, you would have thrown up!

Brendon has been accusing Lane of throwing competitions--specifically the Surf Competition.

Britney:  Yeah Brendon.  And you threw this competition---am I right?

Kathy:  Yeah!  Because he THREW THE BALL at somebody!

Britney:  Oh, and she said you had no class, Kathy...

Kathy:  Oh, she already told me that down there..

Ragan, laughing:  Rachel, can you please scoop your vagina off the floor and put it back in your panties.

Britney:  She's going to write a book on etiquette when she gets out of here.

Ragan:  Oh please, I want them to just go in the Cabana Room and shut the door.

Britney cracks the door open and tries to hear what is going on out there.

Kathy:  If I had yelled "this is for you Kristin!" I could understand, but I didn't..

Ragan:  We were all reserved.  None of us gloated..and we could have.

Britney closes the door and sits back down:  That was unbelievable!

Britney, joking:  Kathy you have no class, you skank!

Kathy:  She called me a skank?

Brintey: No, I just made that part up.

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