Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flashback From Last Night #4

They continue their long-running comedy bit about having their own muscial group.

Enzo is hilarious when this starts, and boasts about how "his shit will be hard", and that "magic will be made in the studio".  They are all cracking up.  One of his stage rap names will be "White Squall".

Since Matt is the one with the "legitimate" singing voice, he will sing and Enzo and Lane will rap.  I think Britney will just be the tamborine girl and the groupie wrangler.  Hayden will always be shirtless and will come out on stage with a flourescent lasso to warm up the crowd.

Matt says that he has been doing solo stuff for the last year so he is free to join the group.

Matt says that working in the studio is the best time in the world---you drink all the time, play video games, and just make "fucking incredible music".

Matt:  Taking a girl in the studio is the best---much more impressive than taking them to a show.  You can't just take anybody to the studio..

Enzo:  Yo, your balls will hurt.

Matt:  Yeah, you take a girl in the studio and you'll be balls deep for sure.

Matt used to have a pierced ear but it closed up.  He wore a little loop earring.

Matt:  I was kind of fat then, too.  I was a mess.

Brendon has joined the group and seems to be quietly trying to fit in---I'm sure he is ready for some humor and fun after what he usually has to deal with all day in there.

Britney:  Everybody in high school was piercing their ear cartilage, way up high.  But my parents said no.

They discuss which ear piercing means you are gay.  Matt's piercing was strictly heterosexual.

Ragan:  When I was a kid I pierced my ear myself and my dad said "you'll get AIDS from that!"

Hayden likes the small nose piercings, with just a little sparkly dot.  Matt likes that too.  Matt also likes eyebrow piercing sometimes, but it "really depends on the girl".  Britney shows them where Miley Cyrus has the top of her hand pierced and none of the guys like that.

Ragan starts doing his "Sexy Bitch Abs" infomercial, which is pretty funny.  I think this will be on the CBS show soon, in order to build Ragan's fan base.  (He isn't exactly getting a great edit on the show and the fans don't seem to like him in the polls.  Because he isn't a beauty, I think they need to show his funny side for a change.  He is always so dead serious on the CBS show.)

Ragan:  Hi my name is Ragan Fox and you might know my from my blockbuster role on Big Brother 12.......

He takes one of his "cellphone calls" during the shooting of the informercial and it is funny.

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