Friday, August 27, 2010

Flashback From Last Night #3

The HG are still enjoying this brief time of celebration, before they knew who would win HOH and would have to start stressing out again.
When Brendon held the door open wide so the HG could get a good look at the audience and the live set (which was really cool--I've never seen anyone do that on purpose before) Hayden thought he saw Robin Kass (the casting director) but then he didn't think it was her.

Enzo got really cocky and made what I think is a bad decision to shout to America that he was "in the Final Five, and hadn't won nothin'!"

Enzo:  I came in last, or second!  I didn't win nothin'!  And I got the best social skills!

(Prediction:  Enzo will look back at this as the moment he lost the game.)

They took a vote on who they thought had the worst social skills.  It seems like a tie between Brendon and Andrew.  Britney points out that Rachel was the "all around worst person.

Hayden:  Rachel had better social skills, but she wasn't a good person.

Ragan:  Oh, I thought Rachel's social skills were horrible.....I get it though, that this is a happy moment.

Britney:  Where is Lane?  Is he smashing?  (i.e. taking a poop)  I feel so good right now.

Ragan:  I feel euphoric---like I just had sex with someone.

Britney:  I never have to look at that toenail again!

She is afraid that she will be a Have Not tomorrow so she is going to eat up tonight.

Ragan reports that if evicted, he was going to walk in the Jury House and say "Oh, we got a mansion!  And our very own waitress!"

(i.e. Rachel.)  Ragan thinks he is very witty and clever, as usual.

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