Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - #3

Lane comes out and jokes that he will have no air time this week---he's not in a penquin suit or being punished or anything.

Lane:  Maybe I'll make my own handcuffs and come over and chain myself to you guys!

Britney:  That would be fun!

Brendon asks her who she would have chosen to chain herself to.  I know he expects her to say Lane, but she hems and haws and says that one person isn't really worse than anybody else.  She doesn't really answer.

Lane threatens to break something for screen time.  Britney doesn't like DiGiourno pizza because it has too much sauce for her.  When she orders at home she asks for light sauce.  She loves bean dip though (must go hand-in-hand with being a football fan).

Britney says again that she feel really bad about being so mean in the DR early this morning. She would send the DR lady flowers if she could, because she was so ugly to her.

She mentions being in the HOH bathtub the other night and feeling awkward so she talked to the camera.  Brendon says he felt the cameras following him while he was up there alone and he thought surely no one would want to sit and watch a guy all by himself.

Ha ha ha.

Brendon is telling Britney about the HOH blog and assures her that she can address her family and just about anything else she likes---you just can't use profanity.

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