Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - #3

Matt rushes back from the DR and Ragan asks if he "got drugs".

Matt:  In 5 minutes they'll be in storage.

We got DOTS for a short time, and when we came back Ragan was telling Britney:  Your boobs are so big!  Look at that bra!  With the leopard inside---you're like Britney Nicole Smith!

Britney took her pill (maybe a PMS pill?) and lays in bed, joking "bring it on!".
Matt:  Do chicks feel comfortable getting naked in front of other girls?

Britney:  I lost a lot of my inhibitions from doing pageants---girls are always getting undressed backstage and stuff, but I"m still pretty modest.  But in this instance I have showered with both Monet and Ragan after competitions and I was equally comfortable both times.

(After her shower with Ragan, he stepped out and left the shower door open with her exposed--she had on a thong.)

Matt tells them about Stacy's gay friend who is a good looking guy.  He hangs out with all the girls so Matt always jokes with him that he is straight and really smart to work the situation like that.

Ragan:  Oh I like him...what's his name?

Matt:  Butters...his name is butters.

Britney:  That's not his real name though?

Matt:  It's Patrick..DOTS.

After a short DOTS:

Matt:  He actually did a reading at our wedding---he's a really good friend.

Ragan:  Really?

DOTS.  And then when we return.

Ragan:  Oooo Pat and Ragan....Tragan!


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