Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flashback from Last Night #3

Thank goodness the Flashback feature lets you pause the action to catch your breath and catch up with the typing.  I like that.

So now Kathy went in the Cabana Room and Rachel stormed in there to continue the same shit.  Note that Kathy is sporting a cute off-the-shoulder mini-dress which will be great for her big scenes on TV this week.

Rachel:  I'm coming in here very nicely to ask you to apologize...

Kathy:  I'm not gonna do it. You thought you could beat me, so you picked me.  I've been nothin' but supportive to you.

Rachel, admitting defeat:  Fine.

and leaves the room.

Britney stops by the Cabana and quietly tells Kathy to come upstairs to the HOH with Matt and Ragan.  As Kathy walks through the kitchen Rachel is starting to spew the same shit over and over to Brendon, but loudly. (I went in there and asked her to apologize....)

Kathy, sharply:  DROP IT!

Brendon:  All right---I'm going to drop it.  It's like.....whatever.

Rachel:  Am I not supposed to say when someone hurts my feelings?

Brendon:  Well, some of these people are not really your friends....

The cameras follow Kathy (a major slam for Rachel) as she struts up to the HOH in her mini-dress where Ragan is enjoying the show on the Spy Screen.

Ragan, obviously reveling in his power:  Britney told me everything that happened.

Kathy:  I'm not going to get into it with her...I mean, I said no, I moved around..she kept comin' after me!

Ragan:  Oh, she followed you back there?

Kathy:  YES! She was followin' me around everywhere!  And now she's in there making a big ole scene and Brendon is jumping in and nobody else is sayin' anything.  And I said why did you pick me?  And she said, "because I thought I could beat  you".  And I said "exactly!  and I beat you!".

Ragan congratulates her and mentions how Rachel acted the last time she won HOH---"having an orgasm" and yelling at Kristin and Hayden and everybody else.

Kathy, venting:  I'm not apologizin' to her, I'm not havin' a house meeting....SHE DON'T RUN ME!  This isn't her house no more!

Ragan:  I know you're all fired up right now and you have a right to be.  But I say this from the most compassionate part of myself....Rachel is not a well person.

Kathy:  I know...that's why I kept on goin', I"m not doin' this.

Ragan:  I'm not saying she's full on crazy, but she's bi-polar, she's manic.  Believe me, I know.  I've been stewing about it.  If you were dealing with somebody who's sick, and you knew they were sick, you wouldn't be angry with them.  I am just removing myself.  I expect them both to do horrendous things this week.

They both watch the spy screen at the action below.

BB does a super-cool shot of the spy screen with Kathy reflected in the glass beneath it.  Good camera job, guys.

Ragan:  It was so awesome, Kathy.  It wasn't just you beating her, it was you setting the tone for the whole competition.  Different people got different things, but to me your's was the most significant.  You weren't gloating, you were just excited.

Kathy:   I know.  I beat her!  And that's a huge accomplishment!  And she said, you would have picked me!  And I said, no I wouldn't!  Hell no I wouldn't have picked her---she's good at everything!  No way.

Kathy repeats all the stuff that Rachel said about letting her stay in the HOH all week.

Kathy:  Yes, I did, and I used you that week!  And you didn't see it!   BAM!

(I'm so happy for Kathy and glad she chose that dress today, instead of that Rub for Luck T-shirt.  She looks fantastic and should be an Over 40 icon.)

Ragan mentions that Rachel campaigned to have her evicted instead of Andrew.

Kathy: I know, but I didn't even bring all that up.  She just wanted an apology and I said NO.

Ragan:  To act the way he acts, and to keep saying to give me the medallion right is such poor sportsmanship at all levels.   And when stuff like that comes out of your mouth, I think that fate intervenes and gets you.  It is so aggressively mean and horrible.

Kathy calls Brendon "her little lap dog".  Ragan is watching the spy screen--"what is all of this about".

Kathy:  It's probably still about me!

And she goes through the play-by-play again.

Ragan:  How many pins did Brendon get?

Kathy:  Three.  So I beat him, too!

Ragan:  Every single person beat them in that round.

Kathy brings up that two weeks in a row, they voted her friends out.

Ragan:  I just want this to be over.

Kathy:  It will be over..Thursday!

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