Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flashback From Last Night #3

After eating, Enzo puts together a loose schedule that includes a nap, then doing abs later in the living room if they can't go outside to work out.

He left his dishes in the kitchen for someone else (Brendon) to do.  He feels good so he starts to do the Enzo Show.

Enzo:  I just leave my shit where ever...I don't give a fuck!  My wife is probably glad I'm gone---she's probably partying and shit--she don't know what is going on with the season...

Britney:  She's not even watching it!
Britney:  She keeps watching Jersey Shore and waits for you to show up on there!

Enzo:  She probably just keeps watching Jersey Shore!

Aha!  Brendon makes an appearance---I can hear him but I can't see him on my Flashback camera.  He starts talking about the fish and what he's going to do to it.

Enzo:  My wife probably got a new dawg, a new house, I'll probably be in the spare room.....

Brendon is really quiet, and the room is quiet now.  Enzo plans to "go in the Taj, put his Ipod in and go to sleep"

Brendon looks at the sauce:  Did you guys put some meat in the sauce?
They say yes.  He doesn't ask what kind.

Matt:  It's really well seasoned---got a kick to it.  (ha ha ha)
Enzo:  What's Rachel, sleepin'?

Brendon:  Yeah...I didn't take a nap today....

Now Britney and Matt are in Jumanji and are cracking up about the spice comment.  Britney sneeze really loud.  Enzo threatens to go to sleep for the night, yo.

Britney:  No, you need to go talk to Kristin about your vote.

Enzo:  What are we doin' here?  We got two more months...can you talk two more months of this?

Lane:  Don't say that....

Britney:  I think we're having fun...

Enzo:  I want to do a quadruple elimination in here---kick two people out and let them take two with 'em.
Now he and Lane joke about leaving the game, maybe during the Live Show.

Lane:  You can just get up and leave with the person who is going home--make sure your bag is packed.

Enzo:  I'm just going to wait until somebody nominates me and then punch 'em in the face and it's a wrap.  At least I get to hit somebody, know what I mean?

They must hear Rachel in the kitchen.

Enzo:  Ah fuck, she's up.....Wilma's up.

(ha ha ha Wilma...I haven't heard that one yet.)

Enzo can't wait to read his HOH letter from his wife.  He doesn't even want to read it out loud.

Enzo:  You's can all see the basket, and then leave.

Britney giggles.

Enzo: I'll take my letter in the bathroom and read it there.

That must be Matt's letter Enzo has now. (???)
Britney hears Ragan interacting with Brendon and Rachel in the kitchen and asks the guys if they think Ragan has a deal with them.

They agree it was maybe a one week deal, at most.

Britney:  Were you in there when Brendon and Rachel were talking about living together?  And all of her experiences living with her ex-boyfriend?  She got kicked out after 6 months but they stayed together.  She invaded his space or something like that, her stuff was everywhere. 

Lane:  I lived with a girl for a year--or she lived with me.

Britney:  Did you like it?

Lane:  Yeah.  She cleaned up all the time, and always had food ready...

Britney:  I like living with someone.

Lane:  Then I needed my space, so...moved to an apartment.

Britney:  You moved to an apartment?

Lane:  No.  She did.  It was my house.

Britney:  Well, they talked about how she had to move to LA.....


Britney:   Lane, "somebody" (DR) asked me today about you choking me out.  And then they asked me what type of woman you should marry.


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