Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - #3

Ragan is going to get a new tattoo when he gets out of the house.

Rachel:  Are you going to go to LA Ink?

Ragan:  No..they are so overpriced.  And there are so many places to go to get good quality.

They do another set of crunches and recover.

I can hear the pool tournament with the first round battle between Hayden and Britney in the background, but the cameras are too intent on making sure they have adequate crotch shots of Rachel.  I wanted to watch that pool game because to everyone's surprise, Britney beat Hayden and spoiled his plan. 

Ragan:  I think the shenanigans are going to continue this season....

They ask him what he means but, being Ragan, he doesn't follow through with the details.

In the background:

Enzo:  OOOOOOOO.  Britney does it!!  Upset!  Huuuuuggee Upset!

I hear Brit mouthing off back there but unfortunately can't determine what she is saying.


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