Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - #2

The (full) Brigade is still meeting in the bathroom, and I think they are being kind of loud, particularly Enzo.

Enzo thinks he is underestimated and wants a quiz for the next HOH---he thinks he can win it.
Enzo:  Yo, things need to get dirty in here...
Matt:  That's one of the problems with this one wants to get their hands dirty.  Everybody's sittin' back...

Now he "jokes" about them falling off the paint can, and the surfboard....I think Matt is pretty much telling them that he has been carrying them, and he doesn't plan to take the fall for them.  But that is my editorial opinion...take with a grain of salt.

Matt is pushing for them to go after Brendon, rather than Ragan.  Doesn't sound like they're buying it.

Matt: You guys do what you got to do...if you win HOH then it's your HOH...

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