Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flashback from Last Night #2

Now Brendon is in the kitchen with the rest of the gang, discussing the competition.  He is blaming Jeff (or some guy) not telling him when his time was over.

Brendon:  That's what fucked me up.

Matt mentions that someone said that he should hang out with Jeff in Chicago but Matt says no way.  He must be kidding but I didn't get the whole drift of the conversation.  Now Rachel appears and requests to speak with Kathy.

OK---Here we go!

They walk into the Cabana Room and the door is barely shut when Rachel starts raising her voice.

Rachel:  You know, I think it's really FUCKED UP that you YELLED and CHEERED when you beat me--that is not CLASSY, that is not playing with integrity, all these things you say--that's not doing anything Kathy.  I let you stay in my HOH room...why don't you just apologize?

Kathy, getting up:  Rachel, I'm not gonna listen to this...I'm not gonna do it....

Rachel:  Are you kidding me?

Kathy:  I'm not gonna listen to it Rachel.  (and leaves the room)

Rachel jumps up and goes after her. (Didn't she just tell Brendon to ignore everybody and be nice?)

Now the fight continues in the kitchen.  Matt is hunkering down at the kitchen counter, enjoying the ride.

Rachel:  You can't talk to me like a woman?

Kathy:  Rachel I've done nothin' but be nice ("nahce") to you.

Rachel:  You yelled and cheered when I lost--I'm on the block Kathy!  That's like, not nice, it's like not playing with integrity...

Now Kathy has just about had it...

Kathy, starting to raise her voice:  You thought you could beat me and you didn't!  I cheered because I won and I was excited!  I cheered for everybody---did you not look?

Rachel:  Not for me you didn't.  When you won you cheered because you beat me!

Kathy:  I'm not gonna apologize because I won!

Rachel:  You stayed in my room when I was HOH and now you're rubbing my face in it and all I want you to do is apologize!

Kathy:  Well, I'm not going to.  What are you gonna do, make me?

(ha ha ha Kathy finally shows up)

Rachel:  Yes.  I think I'm going to stand right here until you do.

Kathy:  You're wastin' your breath.

Rachel:  So you're not going to apologize....

Kathy:  No.  Who stood right over there and hugged you last night when you were cryin?  I did!

Rachel with her arms folded now (a sure sign of impending defeat):  No, you didn't.

Kathy, shreiking:  Yes I did!  Brendon was out there and you come out of the DR and I stood right there and gave you a pep talk while you sat right there.

Rachel:  So why don't you apologize?

Kathy:  I'm not gonna!!  You picked me because you thought you could beat me and you didn't.  End of story!

Rachel:  So apologize for rubbing it in my face...

Brendon:  Rachel just let it go.  It's not worth it.

Kathy:  It's not!

Brendon:  It's not worth your breath, Rach.

Kathy, pissed now:  It's not worth mine, either!

Brendon:  Kathy..............whatever.

Rachel continues to bring up the fact that she let Kathy sleep in the HOH every night and Kathy walks off.  (Really, who gives a shit about that?  I think Rachel is just trying to maximize her screen time on every episode this week.)

What the fuck is Rachel wearing?  That flourescent green layer has sparkles all over it---paillettes, I think.

Oh, Rachel still isn't finished with Kathy!   See part #3.

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