Monday, August 2, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - #2

Kristin's wig must be itchy---she keeps moving it around while she eats.  Kristin is very non-carb--instead of getting some of the rotelle pasta, she sliced up a  cucumber to eat on the side instead. (WTF?)
They discuss the BB TV ratings.  Britney says that BB11 got huge ratings and Rachel doesn't understand why.

Enzo:  Maybe Jeff and Jordan, I dunno.

Britney says that after BB7, the ratings got higher and higher, whereas on Survivor the viewership peaked and has been dropping for years.

Rachel:  Do you think we have big ratings?

Now Rachel thinks that Survivor should be staffed with BB people, and vice versa and "that would be crazy".  Enzo has never watched Survivor.  Britney used to, but hasn't in "years and years".

(Britney's mom almost made the cut for season #1 of Survivor.)

Rachel discusses how horrible Season 11 was at competitions, and how much better their season is.  She also describes why AllStars was so popular, and how popular their season must be.

Enzo:  This has been a great fucking week so far.......I got to eat, sleep, watched a movie, won at TV.

They are all finished and leaving the kitchen area and Brendon's bruschetta ISN'T EVEN OUT OF THE OVEN YET.

Ha ha ha ha.

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