Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - #1

This all went down around 11:00 pm BB time.  They HG are a little tipsy in the back yard.  Ragan says it is the drunkest he has been in the BB house and Matt congratulates him for that.

They have been bitching and moaning about not getting any playing cards.  Per their calculations, the HG in BB11 already had cards at this point, since they remember Russell playing cards with Natalie (before he was evicted).

Britney: The other seasons got playing cards----we get generic aluminum foil from Ralph's and dental floss.

She decided to make a pageant crown out of tin foil and whipped it together in just a few minutes.  It's impressive, really.

After encouragement from Matt and Ragan, she does her pageant walk, complete with smile, occasional twirls, and stiff arms around the backyard.
Ragan is cracking up that on side of the BY you have Britney doing this, and on another you have a man in a penguin suit working out.

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