Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flashback from Last Night #1

This Flashback begins just as the feeds return after the POV competition yesterday---around 3:00 pm BB time.  As you probably know, Jeff and Jordan hosted the competition and I think they rang the doorbell and entered the house that way.  (The competition, including their visit, will air this Wednesday night on CBS.  Jordan has a show on Monday night, so I am going to try and watch it live and see if she can give us any good information about her visit.)

OK.  As is common with the POV comps, BB doesn't turn on the feeds immediately after it's over.  This is obvious, because when they've had a really messy competition, most of them have already showered and are trying to get on with their day.

Today is no different.

As we pick up the action, Brendon and Rachel are getting into bed in the Taj, and Rachel asks him if he things there is any chance that Britney will use the veto.

Brendon:  I guess we could ask.

DOTS. (Apparently Brendon was a very poor sport when he lost the competition, and threw something in an angry way.  I wonder if we will see that on TV?  Supposedly his performance was awful.  Ha ha ha.)

When we come back Hayden is in there talking to the two of them about Jeff's new show, Around the World For Free.  Rachel can't believe that the fans even pay for the plane tickets for Jeff.

Enzo:  It's crazy, man.  Those are some good-looking people. They can make fun of me, I don't give a shit.

Brendon is pissed and wants to hold a house meeting "about the Pandora's Box thing".  Rachel shushes him on that.

Hayden tells them not to isolate themselves---he can't give them a vote because if he is the only one voting for them, he will be a target.  They understand.  Rachel is going to try to work Britney.

Brendon, coughing:  I just can't believe how shitty I did---that is the worst I have ever done--I really fucked up.

Rachel:  It was all the pressure.  And how bitchy was Kathy to go "yeah!" when she beat me, after spending all week up in the HOH with me that time.  I mean, really, was that necessary?  That was super mean.

Brendon:  Well, Ragan--fake.  Kathy--fake.  Super, duper fake.  There are people in here that I think I could actually be friends with after this, like Hayden, Enzo, and Lane.  But the rest of them?

Rachel:  Let's not call a house meeting--let's just go.  You can talk to other people about it, but not a house meeting.  I can't stay here---you need to stay.
(Brendon thinks Matt is lying about the amount of money he won--although how accusing him will allow them to stay in the house is unclear...)

Rachel is talking to him like a child--he needs to stay and "do great".  She says they have to be apart for "maybe a year while she lives in Vegas".  She knows they will vote her out because she's "a bigger threat, or whatever".

Brendon:  Was I a really bad sport today....when I lost?

Rachel:  No.....but I did.  When I lost...

Brendon:  I just let the pressure get to me.  Do we not have to talk to these people and pretend to be fake now?

Rachel:  Just don't talk to them.  But don't be mean.  (whispering)  The thing is...this is all on TV.

(I have heard Rachel talk countless times about how she is going to do a lot of paid personal appearances in Vegas after the show.  That's why she keeps saying she can't wait to get to Vegas, so winning to her is not the most important thing--it's getting enough exposure to be visible.  And let's face it, she has been the main focus and the star of the show from the very first episode.)

Brendon:  I'm going to go get some pasta.

Rachel: Please don't be mean.

(The tables have really turned in their relationship, haven't they?)

Brendon:  I'm not....and Ragan..I'm sick of his shit.  He's a little girl.

Rachel:  Please.  Just ignore it.

Brendon exits and ends the scene.  Cue Rachel looking forlorn and lonely....

and CUT!

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