Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flashback From Last Night #1

And let me first apologize for yesterday--I got really drunk at a business meeting in the afternoon and I just didn't feel like posting when I got home.  I'm not a daytime drinker, apparently.

OK.  We pick up the Flashback at 6:00 pm, and I immediately see something I didn't expect---people are actually playing chess!  You don't see that very often in BB12, even though there are/were some intellectuals on the cast.

Britney and Matt are playing, but I can't tell who is winning.
I tried to figure it out but I can't---sorry.  Here's something else to figure out--what is going on with Matt in this picture?
The game ends abruptly and they decide to "go and make garlic bread".  Britney says that she can be around Ragan all day and it feels fine, but if she is around Hayden or Enzo too long, they really get on her nerves.

Britney:  Let's make plain old garlic bread...if you want we can put on a little rosemary, and vanilla...(making fun of Brendon).

Matt opens the spice cabinet to jokingly display all their spices----maybe use some coffee creamer?
It seems that hell is freezing over, because Hayden and Ragan are cooking, too, and Brendon is nowhere to be found.  Did they ask him first if that is okay?  I'm scared he's going to show up suddenly and start getting pissy.

Ragan and Hayden have browned what looks like ground beef and are adding marinara sauce.  Ragan asks if he is being to obnoxious about space at the stove and Hayden says no, you're fine.

Britney and Matt are using plain white bread to make their garlic bread.  Unless someone else goes into Solitary Confinement, I guess there will be no more baguettes.  They have some good teamwork going there.
Ragan comes over and they start making fun of Brendon again.

Britney:  Can you go saute some garlic for us?  We're going to need ten cloves.

Somebody must be asleep in the control room, because Britney and Matt are muttering about their DR sessions and how they were asked to do imitations of the other HG in there.  Matt says that he starts venting and going off on tangents in there.

Britney:  There is never enough time to cover everything..

Britney is calling the bread Saboteur Garlic Bread.  (they must know something)  Someone made toast earlier in the toaster and just left the bread in there.  Britney thinks Friday's food competition will be fun.

Britney:  I hope we get some more Britney (Spears) in the morning.  (it was the wake up call)

Hayden demonstrates how Britney had her eyes half-closed on second, and then was full out booty shaking the next.   Matt said she had a rat's nest on her head.

Britney:  I still had my bite guard on---it wasn't pretty.

Britney lends a hand with the pasta sauce and the pasta.
They joke about putting 5 tablespoons of rosemary in there, and several cloves of garlic.  Also 6 Froot Loops and a Krackle Bar, for "extra flavor".  (all jabs at Brendon)

While they wait for dinner, Hayden performs a tutorial with the lasso for Matt.  "Real ropes" are much easier to work with, because they are stiffer.
Matt:  Did you ask for a rope, or did they just give it to you?

Hayden:  They just gave it to me..(I guess in his HOH basket)

Matt: It's a good toy for the house.

I don't think Matt practicing the lasso in the kitchen is a good idea....but maybe it's just me.  Matt is certainly no cowboy.
Those pink packages on the counter are frozen halibut that they don't think will be ready for tonight--I guess Brendon is defrosting it.  The garlic bread must smell really good, because here come Enzo and Lane.

BB:  Enzo--Knock it Off!  (I don't know what he was doing.)

Lane has some chips and salsa and Ragan starts doing his "cellphone act" to make Britney laugh.
Ragan's act will probably end up on TV if he stays on the show much longer because they will need to find a way to endear him to the fans (I don't think that's happening now, from some of the polls I have seen.)  The act involves him  simulating a cellphone conversation with his battery pack and gossiping about the HG to his friend.

Britney, interrupting the call:  Me?

Ragan:  No, not you.  Britney other friend.

It is really funny and a good gag.  As you can see the garlic bread is out of the oven.
Britney eats a slice and it is very crunchy.  Enzo starts getting loud about the spices on it:  Crushed Reese cups,  grated orange peel, vanilla, six Jujubes.....

Britney:  I'm not really picking up the cilantro....(ha ha ha)

The bread is very salty.  Enzo shoves a piece in his mouth.

Enzo:  Very should have taken some bruschetta and crushed it up and .......

Enzo, now serious:  Simple is better.  Way better.

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