Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Even Sweet Hayden

is getting rattled by the slop diet.  He told Britney he is in a 'slop depression', and got in trouble last night with BB for destructive behavior.  (He broke a vase.)
Enzo is a Slop Guy too, but he cheers up Hayden by saying that when he makes HOH this week, Hayden can hang out in his HOH room and hear some Eminem. 

Enzo had a dream last night that he was a hyena and was chasing a huge M & M.  He caught it and dragged it in the woods, and woke up right when he was taking a big bite.  Britney said that is a "standard Have Not dream".

(I wonder if there is any correlation between his dream and the music he wants to hear?)

Hayden thinks that Matt told Ragan about the Brigade (not true) because Ragan just came over and kind of sucked up to him and told him Brendon was his target.

Enzo:  He probably did....good.

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