Thursday, August 5, 2010

Enzo is Ready to Blow

and whispers to Hayden that he is "sick of hearing those two tawlk" and "this one tawlk", and he just wants it to be the four of them (Brigade) to fight it out at the end.

Rachel is in the shower.

Enzo:  What the fuck?  She's been in there forever!

Hayden:  There's probably no hot water now.

Enzo: were the HOH and you didn't take a shower yet?  What the fuck?  And now Kathy wants to take one too?  Where is she going...what's she gettin' ready for?

Enzo wants to put up Brendon and Rachel this week--then Ragan and Britney and maybe Kathy.

Enzo:  Ragan and Kathy--I just can't take it anymore--and Britney--she never fucking shuts up!

Hayden:  Next week we can fly the Brigade flag outright...

Enzo:  Ragan says the same shit over and over and over--yo I can't take it!  And Matt is gettin' too close to him..he needs to go.

Hayden agrees, Ragan needs to go.  They hear Kathy talking down the hall.

Enzo, whispering furiously:  Shut up Kathy!

Enzo knows Ragan likes Britney, Lane and Matty--the rest of them will be nominated if Ragan ever wins HOH.

[I'd like to see Enzo win HOH---I think we'd be in for some laughs this week.]

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