Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enzo Has a New Name for Brendon

which he is revealing in the DR---"Number Three".  Because he is #3 on the evolution chart.

Hayden, Enzo and Matt are sitting in the Cabana.  Lots of silent pauses.  Enzo said that Brendon has a weird body and seemed to be missing bones in his torso or something.
Matt:  He disgusts me.

Enzo is all cranked up and is now talking smack about Britney during the ropes competition.  Her mascara was running and Enzo says how ugly she was, imitating her "Hurry Lane...Hurry Lane".  He says how white her face is and is hateful about it.

Enzo thinks there is no Saboteur--that it is BB and that's it.  Enzo has memorized all of the Sab messages that started on Day #44 and went into Day #45.  There are 14 of them.

Enzo:  I'm telling you---that competition is going to be like the gorilla last year--you have to put them in order.  It's a game changer.


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