Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eff, Marry or Kill

I am a long-time Howard Stern fan.  Although Howard loves a lot of reality TV shows, he is not a Big Brother fan, but several of his staff are really into it and have tweeted about it.  For your infotainment, here are a few recent tweets related to this season.

From Ralph Cirella, Howard's stylist and Host of Geektime, a weekly radio show on Sirius.

mygeektime F-RACHEAL (crazy chick SEX)...K-BRITNEY (annoys me), M-KRISTIN (HOT) RT @pgadbois: @mygeektime @jdharm F/M/K? Rachel, Britney and Kristin

mygeektime BB LIVE EVICTIONS... T-31 minutes... This train better MOVE QUICK!
mygeektime NO SORRY, were all booked up with NON-RETARDED ppl.. RT @3Heat3: Enzo and Matt are big Stern fans. Get them on GEEKTIME when they get out

From J.D. Harmeyer, who is part of the show staff and general punching bag

jdharm Kill Rachel-annoying as hell/F Britney-less annoying/Marry Kristin-sexy eyes RT @pgadbois @mygeektime F/M/K? Rachel, Britney and Kristin.

jdharm Maybe it's me, but its obvious big brother producers are coaching the diary rooms...and "floaters" is an annoying term.

jdharm @mygeektime Great fight on BB After Dark btwn Rachel/Brendon...thought you'd like a pic
 jdharm Kristin....Rachel is annoying as hell @pgadbois Who would you "do"? Kristen or Rachel?

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