Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dude, I'm Like Sore Already!

Rachel is talking about already having some appearances lined up in Vegas after the show.  She says she can get appearances for both she and Ragan pretty easily, and starts talking about them co-hosting a party at Crave.

Ragan has never been to Crave, and apparently Rachel finds this unbelievable--it is the biggest gay party in Vegas.  Ragan is open to the idea. Rachel can get them a free room somewhere.

She is really trying to be a great friend now and has dropped a lot of the annoying laughing and giggling.  Just talking like a normal person.  She keeps dropping pseudo bribes about hooking everybody up in Vegas.

But no one really acts that enthused.

Rachel mentions a guy in semi-code, "afro" who was apparently a BB finalist who works at the Fashion Place mall in Vegas---she "like, totally knows him".

Britney: I think that competition was easier for tall people because you didn't have to bend your arms.

Brendon:  I think it was harder for tall people, because our center of gravity is higher.

Britney:  It would have helped, too, for me not to have the bar in the middle of my back. That really hurt.

Matt agrees.

Brendon:  Well, if you have big was hard.  My feet were hanging off the whole time.

Matt:  There were pros and cons for both...

Brendon:  I thought the challenge would involve running.

Matt:  Running?  Where you gonna run?

Lots of laughs on that.  We will hear about that again, too.

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