Monday, August 9, 2010

Dog Days

Britney has a boxer puppy at home--Lane says that if she went home today, he is probably 40 pounds already.  The vet told Britney he would be 75 pounds when full grown.

Enzo has a miniature pinscher. (sp?)  He misses playing with him---they wrestle around and Enzo "bites" his neck.

Britney is pacing back and forth in the pool.  There are occasional comments directed at Brendon.  Like Lane said she was a stupid girl.

Britney:  Of course I'm stupid.  I have a small brain---I'm small.  But my small brain worked for me in bowling...

They got 5 wake up songs this morning.  Enzo gives the day a B+.  (a Kei$ha song, a Drake song, Rhianna's Umbrella, and some Ludacris song, plus another one I didn't catch)

Ragan started reciting the lyrics to Katy Perry's California Girls, but really slow.  Britney filled in a line, and someone in the control booth realized what was going on and gave us DOTS.

Lots of planes and helicopters overhead today.

Here comes Rachel in a tiny bikini.  She saw herself in the reflection (of course) and tied on a sarong.  I think that was smart---she is kind of chunky in the midsection.
They discuss movies...Ragan is missing Salt this summer, and Toy Story 3.  Britney says that while she liked Avatar, it wouldn't be good if it isn't in 3-D.  She loved the part when they "were around the tree humming". 

Enzo didn't see it, but will watch it on his new 3D film.  Brendon kept trying to jump in and say that it wouldn't be the same at home but Britney ignored him and said it would be great on his new TV.

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