Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crunch Crunch Crunch

Lane and Matt eat cereal for breakfast in near silence.  Lane was startled by the "use by" date on the milk of September 1st, before he realized that it is still August.

They all had early morning DR sessions and heard all kind of noises in the backyard.

Britney:  I was really rude in the DR. I feel bad now.

It was one of the girls in the DR and that makes Britney feel especially bad.

DOTS on that.

I heard them talking a few days ago about the DR girls---there is one who is very sweet and one who is kind of standoffish.  Ragan said he was in a terrible mood and the one who is sweet said, "why don't you just go and relax...what do you do at home when you need to relax?"  Ragan said he snapped at her that at home he would be able to eat a good meal, have a hot shower, and get in a comfortable bed!  (He was a Have Not at the time.)  They all feel bad about being bitchy in the DR to the nice girl.

Enzo is "going to make some fuckin' broccoli---at least that's somethin'."

Ragan's upbringing shows through as he finishes his breakfast.

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