Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Camera Guys are Either Bored or Obsessed.

You be the judge.  Brendon is going over every last detail on every day, from every competition.  He is doing things like guessing there were 700 pounds of popcorn in the 'caramel' challenge, and 50 feet of rope in some other challenge.

And the cameras go over every detail of him...

Whose got the Bichon Frise?  Is this Brendon's mug or did he borrow it from someone else?
I suppose it could be a poodle, but the little pompadour looks like a Bichon.

Britney is up now and took a bowl of milk upstairs and filled it to the brim with Honeycomb cereal, that she seems to be hoarding in her HOH room.  That girl really likes her cereal.
She sat down on her bed and put on her headphones as she started eating.  I guess a little Gaga in the morning never hurt anybody.

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