Saturday, August 21, 2010

Britney's Going to Do It

put Matt up, that is.  She just had a long conversation with Lane and he made it sound good. 
They hugged near the end of the conversation and while they were embraced Lane asked for her mom's number so he could call her.  Lots of flirting.

When Lane left he said she needs to talk to Hayden and Enzo now, while they were fired up. 

Now here they both are..
They are blaming Matt for taking all the prizes because he feels 100% safe.
Enzo "lost his clothes" in the competition.  I think I heard Britney say to Lane that the choice was to live without your luggage for awhile and she couldn't do it. It all went to a charity.  (!)

A few minutes ago, Hayden helped Brendon touch up his shaved head.
Hayden is never saying or doing anything mean or ugly.  When I watched his preseason interview and wrote about it weeks ago, I said that he was like a labrador and we would hear his tags jangling all over the house.  I like that description even now---I think it holds up.

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