Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Britney Loves George

Foreman, that is.  She has a red one "with removable plates" and Rachel has a shiny white one.

Britney stirs some of Rachel's French toast batter.

Britney: I put powdered sugar on my French toast.

Brendon, sharply: don't put any sugar in your French toast, do you?

(What a dick.)

Rachel:  No, not inside.  But I do like powdered sugar on mine, and syrup.

Brendon:  That's a lot of sugar.

Britney:  I put about a half cup of sugar in my coffee cup.

Kathy, Britney and Rachel start talking about Captain D's, and other delicious fried items.

Rachel:  We need to do some real southern cooking one day in here.

Brendon, even more sharply:  So we can all be fat?

(What a total dick.)

Rachel, impatiently:  Well, some people eat that way Brendon.

He asks Britney:  What are hushpuppies?

Britney: Fried cornbread.  It's delicious...

Brendon:  I don't even eat fried food. 

(Whatever, fucktard.)

Britney, quickly:  You're missin' out.

Rachel looks at herself in the glass over the sink:  My outfit's cute, but I look rough.

Brendon:  Like you just got home from the club.

They played Britney Spears this morning and Britney demonstrated her dance moves this morning and the way she serenaded Ragan.  I wish I was quick enough to capture it for you, but it involved a lot of booty shaking, hair tossing, and moves that looked very choreographed.
Rachel demonstrated her "shimmy" moves and some "straight up gangsta moves".  I think those involved some pseudo-dick grinding, which probably looked great in that skirt.

Britney:  My dance moves get craaaaazy.  I hope I gave them enough this morning to get them to give me some Britney every day.

Rachel:  I can't wait to be with you in a dance-setting Britney!

[Who wouldn't?  She is cute as a button.]

Brendon feels the need to further expound on his perfect diet and nutrition.

Rachel:  I would rather work out every day and be able to eat the good things that I want.  I'll bet you don't eat out very often.

Brendon:  Ah...I do eat out.  But I've been eating this way for 6 years now....

Rachel:  I eat out all the time.  But most of the time I go to the EDR.

Brendon: What's the EDR?

Rachel: It's the Employee Dining Room---it is a big huge room and it's buffet style.  And it's free, too, and you can go every day.

Brendon: Can you go to any of them?

Rachel:  No..only the ones I work at.

Brendon:  Do you work at more than one?

(How can he not know that?)

Rachel:  Yes.

Brendon mentions that he ate the Bellagio and it was good, and "Rio is always a favorite".

Rachel:  We don't eat the food that you humans eat--we have our own food in the EDR.

Brendon:  I would assume that they feed you leftovers from the buffet.

(Lots and lots of shitty attitude from Brendon today.)

Rachel:  No..they cook us our own food Brendon!

Rachel is going to hook up Britney's bachelorette party for her.  Nick just wants to go camping with his friends.  They discuss the Hooters hotel in Vegas and Rachel said it is a like a spring break hotel that you would stay in when you can't afford anything else.

Britney:  That's where Nick and his friends would want to stay.

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