Monday, August 2, 2010

Britney: It's 10:00, and I Don't Know

if I"m using the POV.

Rachel isn't "sold on Kristin".  Britney needs to talk to Rachel to find out what to do.  They all know that Kathy would be pissed, but they don't care.

Lane: Yeah, but it would suck if she puts someone else up (other than Kathy).

Britney:  That would set up getting them (Brendon & Rachel) out in Week #5 for double eviction.

Brendon comes out and interrupts that conversation.  They don't think there will be a Wizard or a Coup d' Etat this year, but they think something would happen.

Lane:  Julie will say, HG, there is a Wizard, but we can't tell you who it is.  And there will be Brendon sitting there wearing a Wizard costume.

Brendon mentions "", which includes a six-week schedule to get you up to 100 pushups.  Brendon wanted to print it out before he came in but he didn't have time.

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