Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Brendon Show

I tune in this afternoon and Brendon is the only HG who is up, but he is having quite a conversation with himself, and with us.

He ran through his predictions and/or hopes for the next few weeks.  He is hoping for a Final Three with Britney and Enzo.  He knows he will be lucky to not be nominated in the next week or so.  (I don't know if he suspects this week is double elimination.)  He and Rachel said that whoever wins this game should be able to win both HOH and POV competitions.

He realizes that the only way he has been able to stay since Rachel left is to win both of those.  If Ragan wins HOH, he knows he will be nominated.  If anybody else wins, Ragan is going home.

(Britney seems to think that Brendon will be the one targeted next week, at least that is what she told Ragan.)

Brendon feels that now is the time to stop studying with others in the house.  Every man for himself.   

He goes inside to make a cup of tea with honey but stops to clean the window over the sink.  There must be some crud on there, because he is squeaking up a storm and it is loud.

BB:  Brendon, Thank You!

Brendon:  Oh, you're welcome.

Now he goes back outside and takes his shirt off, and resumes his conversation with us.

He says he doesn't know if he's said hello to the family on his mom's side of the family.  Or maybe it was his dad, I don't know.  He said that they had a Villegas ("Vi-yah-has") family reunion a few years ago and over 200 people were there.

He salutes his Cuban side and then BB lets him give shout outs to Aunt Becky, and a few of his cousins, by name.  Then he says that they "lost their father a few years ago", and we get DOTS on that.

Brendon says that the $500K won't make his whole life, but it sure will help.  He is not as bad off as some people in the world, and he'll be okay without it, but it sure would be nice.

(He's getting a free PhD along with paid research opportunities, plus he won the genetic lottery as far as looks go, so I don't think any of us should cry if he loses the Big Prize.)

He thinks of Rachel in the Jury House and hopes she is having fun, and is safe and comfortable.  He hopes is missing him, and maybe she would want to come back in the house, along with all of that stress, to be with him.  And he goes inside for another cup of tea, adding soy milk and honey.

Now he gets down to business, reciting what happened on what day, and to whom.  I don't know if he has studied the picture wall, but if I were him I would start analyzing everyone's features in those pictures.  Ragan sure has.....

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