Monday, August 9, 2010

Brendon: I Can't Just Pretend Anymore

as he chats with Enzo about what he just did in the POV ceremony. (i.e. he can't pretend to like Britney anymore)

Brendon:  Well, I guess we won't be friends after this.  (sarcastically)  I was looking forward to those little excursions with her and Nick.  (snapping fingers in an "oh shoot" type of way)

Enzo leaves and now he and Rachel go back to their nearly silent whispering.  Brendon is saying that he might call a house meeting---I am confirming my earlier thought that he is being a huge dick to make sure that he is the one voted out.

Rachel:  I don't even think anyone would go to your house meeting, at this point.

Now Brendon is saying that this experience would "push Britney closer to you". 

Britney told Rachel that Brendon is going around the house trying to find people to have an alliance with---they are blaming Lane as the information leak. They are strategizing big time about who will say what to whom, and when.

It is a tangled web they are weaving.

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