Friday, August 6, 2010

Brendon: Do You Enjoy Being Here with Me?

Rachel:  Yes.

Brendon:  Then start acting like it.
***long uncomfortable silence from her, and nervous babble from him about nothing***

Brendon is really trying to work this scene, but Rachel pouts that "she wants to be alone".  He kept asking her about dinner and she said she's not hungry.

She really wants him to leave her alone but he doesn't get it.  Apparently in the DR she could tell from the questions that they asked her that she is being portrayed as a bitch.

Rachel:  My forehead's starting to itch--that means my Botox is wearing off.

Brendon:  I'll have them call the doctor STAT!

She says she needs Juvaderm and Botox, STAT, and says this into her microphone. 

Brendon:  You're are beautiful and don't need any of that.

Rachel:  I need to get my teeth fixed, too.

(yes you do)

Brendon:  You're beautiful just the way you are...

I have to switch cameras because I'm getting nauseous.

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