Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Girl

Britney has on kind of a tarty dress for her birthday celebration tonight.  Certainly a lot more skin than we usually see on Britney in a non-bikini situation.

She is making her barbecued chicken again tonight---probably for sandwiches.  Too bad Hayden can't eat with them tonight, because that is his favorite.
Matt is trying to make a cake from a mix for Britney.  It isn't going will, which is pretty funny.  First of all, the bowl is way too small.
Also, he almost used olive oil in the recipe.  Ragan caught him just in time and he switched to vegetable oil.  It is painful watching him try to stir it all up with a whisk.
He finally gets some traction with the batter and tastes it.  Matt thinks that "cake batter is truly the stuff that dreams are made of".

Britney agrees and Matt asks her if she wants to taste it before it is cooked.  She declined and said she would lick the bowl instead.  She advised him to grease the pans very thoroughly---when she made his birthday cake it stuck to the pan even though she greased it.

I wonder if this is Matt's first cake baking experience?  Kind of looks like it.  It is nice of him to do it.  I certainly don't see Enzo or Lane doing something like that.

Britney deputizes Ragan to help her shread chicken----it is taking her a long time.

Ragan:  Shouldn't our maid be doing this?

(ha ha ha  Kathy)

Britney:  Our maid is probably smoking a cigarette and guzzling root beer.

Ragan, imitating Kathy:  I need an Ambien and a handler!

and a few minutes later:

Ragan:  I'm actually looking forward to getting drunk!

Matt:  I'm looking forward to both of you being drunk.

Britney is drinking her sangria tonight and the guys have beer.

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