Saturday, August 28, 2010

BB Chit Chat

and now Lane, Hayden and Britney are talking about the Rainbow Reunion that Kail-BB8 hosts every year.  They all think they want to go.  They have some idea that Kail makes a lot of money on the event and they will get paid.  I'm not so sure.

Britney wants all of them to go to Arizona for New Years.   They think they can host an event and Hayden mentions some people he knows who run venues.  Britney wants them all to come to Arkansas at least once, too.

Now they mention Shooting Blanks, Matt's band.  Matt has discussed setting up a tour after the season to visit the HG hometowns.

Lane:  I can't believe Matty lied to us about so many things!

Britney:  I know, it's stupid!

Hayden:  Yeah, I really liked him.....I still like him....but I wonder how much he told me over the last 50 something days was the truth.

Lane:  He said he'd go to Steamboat, and he'd be up there for hockey games....

Hayden:  But maybe he lied about that!

Lane:  We've got to get an awesome condo at Steamboat and get our own rooms...

Britney:  If we make Final Three together we're guaranteed a great trip, since we've all agreed to pay for the trip if one of us wins--and to pay for the other people.

(Whah whah whah....)

Hayden:  It's guaranteed to be a sick trip..

Lane:  And we're gonna bring people to Steamboat, since we're talking about it.

Hayden says Steamboat hook us up!  He can't wait to get on his board.

Lane mentions the girl who rode up the lift with him and ended up curled up frozen to death---frozen solid.  Her friends didn't know she was coming up there to meet them----that's why they all need to stick together.

Britney:  Why didn't she just ride her snowboard down the mountain?

Lane explains the layout of the mountain and how it depends on what side you're on--it's not a straight shot down at all and the mountain is huge.

Hayden tells a story about working in a 'board shop' and how some guy who used to come in all the time boarded among the trees and got buried in snow.  He survived because the snow insulated him.  We got DOTS during the story, but he kid only broke a leg when he hit a tree and survived.

Lane is doing a commercial for Steamboat and says they will all love it.

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