Thursday, August 12, 2010

All Cameras Continue to Follow Brendon and Rachel

on their last recorded day together in the BB house.  Rachel is now shaving Brendon's neck and commenting on her own imperfections.
Rachel:  Well, we need to tell anyone coming on this show to go on a Super Duper diet beforehand, because everybody gains weight on this show, right?


Rachel:  I need them to give me some Accutane----I have never broken out like this before.  Even when I break out in Vegas, I don't have zits.

(I know, that doesn't make sense.)

Brendon told her it was all the chocolate she eats, but Rachel disagrees.  She eats chocolate in Vegas all the time.
The only way that Enzo can get some camera time is to sidle up to Brendon today.  It's all about Brenchel....

Brendon:  Has anybody been told how we are supposed to dress?

Uh oh.  That sounds like Brendon might expect to be around for the HOH competition.....

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