Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wow Wow Wow

I was really surprised to see that Annie was the Saboteur, but I am glad that it sounds like they plan to come clean with the HG and admit that it was Annie.  I am glad that whole thing is over, because I thought it was cheesy, but it must be disappointing to the people who planned and plotted the entire initiative.

Everyone is drinking beer and eating whatever takeout BB bought them and milling around. Rachel did a huge favor to Brendon by winning HOH, because now instead of everybody grilling him over his lies that Annie just exposed on live TV, he is answering polite questions about what he plans to pursue as his career.

And Monet is visibly bummed.  She has had ugliness with Rachel since their first days in the house, but will Rachel focus on that with her nominations? I know Brendon has been mouthing off about wanting Monet out, because she already won $10K.

So...look for Britney to separate herself from Monet this week.  Not good for business, so to speak.  And I think we all know how calculating and bitchy Britney can be.  (I loved the comments about Annie's ill-fitting flats and silver eyeshadow on the good-bye message.)

The two of them are viciously flirting and it is so obvious.  Lane just said "I"m going to show my weinie off tonight on Showtime!"

Lane thinks America deserves it, that we've been waiting.  Britney bites back that "America isn't waiting."   And she thinks Showtime should take a poll.

Lane said that he "bets he was eyefucked at least 80 times during the live show".  By who Lane, us?

Lane wants to play strip pool with Britney!

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