Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Would You Tell Your Friend?

Andrew:  Let me ask you this....if your close friend's parent was cheating, would you tell your friend?

Ragan:  Hmm..  I think I need a diffferent scenario to answer that...I have a skewed view of the situation.

Andrew: You mean, with two guys?

Ragan:  No, let's just say father was married six times and I'm the product of a divorced family so I have a certain opinion..

Now Ragan talks about gay men he knows who married women that he was also close with, due to their own closeted homosexuality. He spoke with both parties separately, and then together, and it "doesn't take Nostradamus to tell you that it would end in disaster".

Ragan points out that honesty is always the best policy, but it might not be as sexy on TV.

Andrew:  Remember that line for later, please.

It sounds like Andrew has quite a treat planned for us on tomorrow night's show!  I can't wait!  It may be too late to save his own ass, but it should make for interesting viewing and might help him get voted back into the house.

[I think that is where we are headed after the first three or four evictions.]

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