Monday, July 26, 2010

Woe is Kathy

and she joined Rachel and Brendon on the patio for her morning smoke.  She is really down today and doesn't have a lot of energy.  Brendon reminds her to eat right to prepare for the HOH competition.

Kathy doesn't think she'll still be here---she has a few votes lined up, but that "ain't enough".

Lane comes outside and he and Brendon talk about the dry air in the house.
Brendon:  I feel like I have 6 million boogers in my nose, it's so dry.

Kathy:  Everybody feels like that.

Lane:  I feel like there is one spot at night when I get in bed, when I can pick my nose.

They discuss how Jerry from BB10 had to eat slop for 30 something days and how tough that must have been.

Brendon would eat pig ears in a heartbeat, if he had to for a challenge.  He's seen the ones they feed to dogs, and he would do it.  Lane has never had a pigs ear.

Lane:  Why did they get us up so dang early?

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