Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why Won't Lane Disrobe?

I mean, it's not like there are preverted people watching him?  Ha ha ha.  He came outside and put sunscreen on his lower arms, so I thought he was going to leave his T-shirt on.
And the cameras kept teasing us, switching away every time he looked ready to strip down.  And then FINALLY we see that he started taking it all off.
I guess Lane is shy.  So shy he wears his undies in the pool.  Damn that is one angry-looking tattoo.
There's the big country boy now...all oiled up and ready for the sun.  Granted, he only put sunscreen on his arms, but that's a minor technicality.
He starts shooting the shit with Matt who is laying nearby in a sarcastic way---about him going Hollywood and all that.  Then he starts singing "If I were your baby boy..." (?) and BB didn't like that.

You know, Lane is one of the most popular search terms that bring people here to this website.  That would be Lane Elenburg....click click click.

Matt mentions that they are still trying to get all of his tattoos cleared for broadcast.  You might want to hide your young children's eyes before scrolling down to this picture.
Dear God that is hideous.  One of my readers has told me that this is a picture of "Toxie" from Toxic Avenger.  OK, fine.  Why would Matt put a picture of this on his body?  You can see a bandaid just to the right of Toxie---that is one of the tats that CBS isn't cleared to show.  The smiley face that is just below that apparently has been cleared--he used to have to cover that one up but hasn't had to do that in the past few weeks.

The same learned reader told me that is the Nirvana logo.  I hope I'm getting that right.  I guess I am a bigger nerd than Matt to not know all of that.

Well, maybe a different kind of nerd.  Not necessarily a bigger one, believe it or not.  Although I'm not in a band, so maybe I am a bigger nerd than Matt.

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