Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's For Dinnner?

Big discussion on the backyard couches about this, with Lane, Enzo, Britney and Hayden all involved in the decision.

Lane wanted to marinate some steaks with italian dressing and Britney reports this to Hayden and Enzo.  There is silence for a few minutes, and then Hayden suggests that they barbeque the steaks, then shred the meat to make barbeque sandwiches on hamburger buns.

They all like that idea.  Britney could eat barbeque every day for the rest of her life with no problem. She had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for lunch.
Lane likes the idea, and says:  We can cook up that hamburger meat and make some Sloppy Ho's, too.  (That is what he called it, too.)

He points out that their food will be replenished on Friday (probably) and so they should cook up everything they have in the house.

Hayden:  Can somebody please tell them that we don't like fish?

Britney:  Yeah, we don't eat it.  But I would eat it if Brendon cooked it up like he did that time...

Enzo likes to cook up some fish once a week, and they acknowledge that Andrew eats it regularly.

Before Britney came outside Enzo and Hayden were evaluating their stance in the game and were trying to convince themselves that getting Andrew out this week was a good consolation prize---he has been placing in the top tier for the last few competitions and will only get stronger.

Enzo is very worried that Andrew will call out their alliance during his speech tomorrow night.  They both agree that if he does that, just laugh and be like, "What the fuck...he's crazy!"  Enzo likes that Andrew keeps the kitchen clean, but says he watches him clean things that are already clean.

Hayden:  I don't do dishes, but I use disposable stuff and throw it away.

Ragan came out and when he left they both said he needed to go, too.

Hayden:  Who would he put up?

Enzo:  I dunno....I think he's scared to put up Brendon and Rachel.  He wants to, but he's scared.

All the dinner-planning excitement has these poor kids tuckered out.
There are lots of loud plane noises today, and some pool water noises.  It would make for a nice lazy nap.

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