Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Went Down Last Night?

and what do you need to know to prepare yourself for the Live Show tonight?

1.  Brendon has been scrambling.  And his gameplay pretty much sucks, in my opinion.  He spent time with Hayden in the HOH last night, spilling his guts about his thoughts on the game.  He keeps saying over and over that he needs to have Rachel safe, and he seems to think that he and Hayden are aligned now.  He also keeps repeating that he would like Andrew to win HOH in order to do his "dirty work".

2.  Apparently his dirty work involves getting Britney and/or Monet out.  Why would that be dirty work?  He's really not offending anyone by targeting them.  His reasoning involves Monet already winning $10K, and the fact that neither of them do any dishes or housework.  Since Brendon is the Kitchen Bitch now, he is pissing and moaning about house frau stuff.  That is no way to win Big Brother, Brendon.

3.  Hayden told Brendon that he would give Annie 'false hope' that she might stay so that she wouldn't be on the warpath on Thursday.

4.  Annie came into the HOH and compared Rachel to Natalie and Jordan, riding a man's coattails to get into the finals.  She doesn't want that to happen here.  She made some good points and Hayden seems sincere with her.  They discussed how Annie has Lane wrapped around her little finger.

5.  Hayden thinks he will be friends with Lane for a long time.  He lives in the same area as Hayden's sister (the rodeo rider) so he knows they can visit.

6.  Britney is still Enemy #1 for Annie.  Hayden agrees that she thinks she is running things, but everybody sees the way she acts, and the way her actions change as events in the house dictate.

7.  Annie and Hayden mock the Showmance---how it started on Day #2 and Annie says it is "so gross", and that "they act like they are married".  They can see how that would happen later in the game, but it is stupid to hook up so early in the game.

8.  I have to say Hayden is doing a GREAT job as HOH and if he cleaned his look up a little, he could be a CBS heartthrob.  Rachel mentioned cutting all the guys hair soon, so maybe she even did it last night.  The Producers don't like them to change their appearance drastically, for editing purposes.

9.  They discuss 'Mama Kat'.  Hayden thinks that she is smarter than she looks.  The other night when they were all in bed, someone asked her why she became a police officer, just to see how long she would talk with no conversation partner.  She went on for about 90 minutes, according to Annie.

10.  Now Annie seems Anti-Brendon, but I think that might be strategy---she wants everyone to think that if they keep her she won't align with him.  She kept saying how she was "stuck sleeping with Brendon" last week to try and play off their connection.

11  I guess Hayden knows about Annie's girlfriend.  She keeps saying that now she can "be herself" for the rest of the game.

12.  Let me talk about The Sounds.  There are intermittent noises occurring in each room of the house---I think just the bedrooms, actually.  Britney noticed that Andrew has been spending time in each room--15 or 20 minutes at a time, listening.  Britney feels that the HOH competition is going to have something to do with this, so she and her group (Monet, etc) are doing the same.

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