Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Kind of Drugs Were They On?

This is part of the decor in the Have Not room.
The Big Picture---I guess they are supposed to feel like homeless people under the dock in Nantucket.
And is that blood spattered on the lockers?

When I used to post updates for that BIG Big Brother website, I would write an update and comment on something, and sometimes (usually on Sunday mornings) the camera would zoom in on whatever I talked about, sometimes rapidly as if to say "LOOK AT THIS!".  It was really funny.

For example I would write, I guess Adria likes a lot of mayo on her sandwich---and the camera would zoom in and out on the Hellman's jar.  I guess they get bored and surf the net, too.

I guess these are not-so-fresh clams in a net.
 But BB still is a nice clean box of tissues for Andrew to use. He's been using a lot of them today.

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