Friday, July 16, 2010

We're Back.

And all we can see at first is Rachel in her bikini, doing stuff in her HOH room.
Then I can see one of the bedrooms, where Matt and Ragan are talking about the challenge and how hot Ragan was out there wait for production to let them start.  BB didn't like that.

Looks like Hayden might not be happy today.  Is he a Have Not?

There is a wide array of fish sticks scattered here and there all over the house.  Enzo is putting fish sticks into the empty boxes (dozens of them) with his bare hands.  Putting some in the oven at 425 degrees for 10 minutes.  That place must reek of fishsticks.  There are literally fish sticks scattered everywhere.

Enzo is reading the instructions (he's a Have Not) and he can use barbeque sauce, ketchup, but no lemons.  Enzo has blisters---Andrew says they all have blisters.  Enzo is going to shower first, then take care of the "fuckin' blisters".

Andrew says that the fishsticks are "a nice snack" and that he would eat them --I guess IF they were kosher.   Lane  is in the kitchen and doesn't seem too stressed, so maybe he's a Have this week.

We'll see.

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